A French specialist in Air Transportation for Live animals

Logistic attendant swine Gentics industry since 1994 through Francexporc Services, Celtic Freight Consulting provides to a large ranking of overseas Logistics services for all Live Stock sectors ( Horse, cattle, sheep, Goats..) Celting Freight Consulting is working over the World ( Asia, Middle east, Africa..) with his international network LAGN ( Live Animals Global Network)

Logistics solutions architect for the Livestock sector

Celtic Freight Consulting - live animal transportation services

Is a Commercial Multi-Species operator specialising in live animals

Listening to, Understanding and Coordinating the logistics needs of exporters with regard to the different actors in the logistics chain (Carriers, Importers,etc.)

Designing and constructing ISPM 15 single-use crates specifically for air transport and in compliance with IATA regulations. Watering and absorbing systems for animal excrement are provided.

Selecting air carriers depending on the type of shipping, their competitiveness and destinations: regular lines or Charters

Selecting departure airports depending on the Airlines selected and the animal collection points

Respecting animal welfare at every stage and coordinating all the exportations with Sanitary French Authorities

Establishing the timing and detailed process for each shipment with its clients (Departure from animals collection point, transport time before airport, reception at airport, loading time, etc.)